About Neema

The Neema Foundation is a non-profit organisation started by Kloof Baptist Church in 2011 and is an arm reaching out into the community.

The heart of the Neema Foundation is to bring hope through education to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it. We decided to focus on reading English as, without reading, learning in any other area is very limited.

Neema can help your business achieve maximum points on your B-BBEE scorecard under the Socio Economic Development (SED/CSI) element. Neema’s black beneficiary status has been independently assessed by Empowerdex and, to this end, Neema can provide documented proof for all corporate donations.

The Neema Foundation was unable to source affordable appropriate foundational reading material for learners struggling in this area and so, over the years, we have developed our own very effective, low cost programme called “Gateway into Reading”. This is a syllabus teaching foundational reading and spelling in English, developing basic skills in word recognition and deciphering. Gateway into Reading is endorsed by key educationalists.

How your support can help

Your support can help the Neema Foundation to:

–  Change the face of South Africa by bringing hope for the future.
–  Teach a nation to read English.
–  Bring growth, self-confidence and dignity to all.
–  Change hearts, homes and futures through education.
–  Harness the latent potential of passionate retired teachers to turn the tide of education.
–  Equip teachers through the training of the “Gateway into Reading” programme so they can be a significant part of bringing hope through education to their community.

We seek to achieve the above through our programme “Gateway into Reading”.

Teaching your community to read

Your practical involvement can help turn the tide of reading through the use of the “Gateway into Reading” programme in your community:

– Essential basics for literacy development.
– Very cost effective to run, simple to reproduce.
– 99% success rate on one-on-one teaching.
– Highly effective in group teaching.
– Tried and tested.
– Inspirational for educationalists.
– Multi-faceted approach which meets specific needs.
– Suitable for Gr1 to adult education.
– Efficient in teaching additional language learners.
– User-friendly for first and second language teachers.