Local schools we work with

Kloof Junior Primary School

“Gateway into Reading” programme has been tried and tested here at Kloof Junior Primary with great success over the past 6 years. These children who have completed the programme are now reading successfully. As a result of the huge improvement the staff have seen in the learners since we started, they continue to send us children to our learning centre, 2 afternoons a week.

The headmistress and remedial staff filter for us those learners whose families otherwise couldn’t afford the help they need.

Teachers at the school endorse our programme and one of the teachers commented recently, “We are happy to follow Neema’s lead with this child because a few of the children in my class have been on your programme and they have all soared”.

Gillitts Primary School

Most of the learners in this school are second language learners and less than 10% are able to contribute towards school fees. The only food many of the children eat each day is provided by the school.  We are currently working there two mornings a week.  While working with these learners, we have been able to develop the programme so that it is effective in teaching second language learners with limited English vocabulary.

Kloof Senior Primary School

We were approached by KSP to join them in their new remedial centre one afternoon a week helping their children. Four of their teachers, at their request, have been trained to teach “Gateway into Reading” along with us. The staff at the school have a huge heart for underprivileged learners and are grateful for this opportunity to help these children. Where a child is able to pay for lessons in the school, the school donates the fees to the Neema Foundation.

Ukusakwabasha Primary School

A team of Neema staff and volunteers have been involved in this school once a week for the past 2 ½ years. It has been our privilege to not only teach whole classes here but also to offer on-the-job training for teachers in the use of Gateway into Reading.

Mgezengwane Primary School

The Neema Foundation is grateful to Dezzo Roofing for their sponsorship of this project. Our team of staff and volunteers is involved in this rural school on a weekly basis, partnering with four school teachers as we teach Gateway into Reading to over 200 learners.

Inkazimulo Primary School

Our team here is partnering with five grade one teachers to teach their classes each week. Following the same model we use in our other rural schools, we plan to work in this school for 4 years, handing more and more of the teaching over to the school staff as we move forward.

Silindele Primary School

We are grateful to our community here for their support as we work with five teachers and 180 learners in this rural school each week in whole class settings. 31 Club have sponsored this project for one year and St Mary’s School has provided us with a team of interns as volunteers.