Gateway into Reading Procedure and Costs

Gateway into Reading Cost & Procedure

We are so excited about your interest in Gateway into Reading. We believe this is a tool God has given us to reach lives with the love of Jesus.
The heart of the Neema Foundation is to bring hope through education to the underprivileged. The Gateway into Reading programme is therefore available at a discounted or commercial price. The discounted price is valid for anyone using it to help those who, because of their financial situation, are otherwise unable to get the assistance they require. Anyone buying Gateway into Reading at this reduced price will be required to sign a contract  committing themselves to:

  • Having the programme headed up by a professionally trained, Gateway into Reading accredited teacher. Accreditation is received on completing our training The cost of training is R140.
  • At least 75% of your learners being unable to afford the lessons.
  • Completing a bi-annual report form.

The programme will be provided after your training and on receipt of your payment and signed contract.

The copyright will entitle you to make as many copies as you require for your own learners.

Phonics Training

 For those delegates who have had little or no experience in the teachings of English phonics, we offer a phonics training course the day before the Gateway into Reading training. The cost for this is R70.


Additional Material

Gateway into Reading Books 1-10 form the starter pack bought by everyone using our material, but in response to the demand for teaching reading in English, we have supplemented our programme with the following additional material:

  • Illustrated phonics units replacing books 6, 7, 8 & 9 (for second language learners with a limited English vocabulary).
  • Enlarged material A & B for group or classroom teaching.
  • Gateway into Reading alphabet flashcards A4 & A6, South African friendly, simple and economical.
  • Booklets to reinforce the sight words in the Foundation Steps (for second language learners with limited English vocabulary).
  • Audio lessons which are recordings of how to teach each lesson and are especially useful for second language teachers or overseas volunteers with different accents.
  • Grade R material (25 lessons to prepare little ones for Gateway into Reading vocabulary)
  • For Large groups Books C-I. Enlarged booklets supporting Foundation Steps 1-7. (for class teaching with limited resources)



Discounted Contract

Commercial Price
1 Gateway into Reading
(Book 1-10)
R1 760 R3 520
2 Illustrated Phonics – Book 6, 7, 8, 9
(2nd language learners)
R220 R660
3 Enlarged material – A & B
(group / classroom teaching)
R110 R330
4 Gateway into Reading alphabet flashcards    A4 & A6 R66 R198
5 Booklets supporting Foundation Steps R165 R495
6 Audio lessons R220 R660
7 Grade R Material R200 R400
8 Audio Grade R material R20 R60
9 Large groups Book C-I /Enlarged booklets for Foundation step 1-7
(for class teaching with limited resources)