The Gateway into Reading programme

The Neema Foundation was unable to source affordable appropriate foundational reading material for learners struggling in this area and so, over the years, we have developed our own programme called “Gateway into Reading”. This is a syllabus that teaches foundational reading, developing basic skills in word recognition and deciphering. The Neema Foundation is now making this programme available for churches, aftercares and other organisations to use in their communities. Neema will provide training for the workers in these organisations, enabling them to run the programme as an independent project. However, the Neema staff will be available to consult and offer advice when necessary.

What are the benefits of Gateway into Reading?

This programme:

– is structured so that an individual learner may enter the course at his own level of expertise and be able to proceed at his own pace.

– is effective in large group teaching.

– is hierarchical in nature and very structured ensuring all basic skills are thoroughly experienced.

– breaks the “code” of letters, sounds and words empowering learners to decode and encode confidently and to develop and internalise the basic reading skills.

– uses an eclectic approach which ensures that learners are able to build on their strengths and remediate any weaknesses.

– is structured so that learners interact with educators ensuring auditory, visual and verbal activities.

– employs a variety of educational activities during each session helping learners to stay focused and experience the skills in different situations.

– has built in continuous revision which develops confidence and ensures experiences of success at each level.

– is presented in a manual containing all instructions, assessments, lesson plans, worksheets and apparatus needed by the teacher. The copyright on the manual enables each organization to make unlimited copies of any one page.

– offers volunteers an opportunity to serve their own communities.

How does it work?

During the first lesson, a learner can be assessed and programmed according to his specific needs. Our material is designed to be taught in weekly lessons of 45mins each. Any learner following the whole programme from beginning to end will take 2½ to 4 years, depending on his age. Gateway into Reading can be used with any learner from the age of 6 or 7 onwards. It has been used very effectively with adults.

What do you need to start Gateway into Reading?

* Trained teacher to head up your project

* Photocopier and paper

* “Gateway into Reading” material

* Minimal stationery

What about group teaching?

Gateway into Reading is not only highly effective in one-on-one teaching but has also proved very successful in group and whole class situations. We do make available enlarged versions of our material for classroom settings.

Sample pages of the Gateway into Reading material

1) Overview

2) Drill Sheet

3) Lesson Plan

4) Word Building

5) Worksheets

6) Booklets

7) Blending Cards

8) Workbook

9) Phonics Unit 6

10) Phonics Unit 6 – illustrated version for learners with limited English vocab.

See: 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d.

11) Phonics Unit 56

12) Syllabification

13) 100 High Frequency Words

14) Phonics Wheel