Tax Certificates

The income Tax Act allows registered Public Benefit Organisations to issue Section 18A tax deduction certificates allowing the donor to reduce their tax payable.
This deduction applies to both individuals and corporate.


Neema can help your business achieve maximum points on your B-BBEE scorecard under the Socio Economic Development (SED/CSI) element.
Neema’s black beneficiary status has been independently assessed by Empowerdex and to this end, Neema can provide documented proof for all corporate donations.

Company Details

Neema Foundation is a registered Section 18A Not-for-Profit-Company.

NPO registration number: 151-430 NPO

Tax Exempt Status. PBO file no. 930 035 168


Please contact our marketing administrator at  to find out more about the activities of The Neema Foundation Trust, and how you or your company can become a part of this most valuable project.