Endorsements from educationalists

Mrs Lesleigh Harvey – Retired Lecturer, Academic H.O.D. Remedial

“I am delighted to be associated with this Neema project. The programme addresses a vital area in the learning to read process. It breaks ‘the code’ of letters, sounds and words, providing the learner with the basic tool to take responsibility for his/her own reading progress.” The Neema Foundation values the expertise and experience of Mrs Lesleigh Harvey who has edited our programme for us.

Mrs Lynn Dobson – Retired Principal, Kloof Junior Primary

“The children have made amazing gains by having this individual, caring assistance. This is a wonderful community service that is greatly needed by the community.”

Mr Musahlomuka Ngidi – Principal, Ukusakwabasha Primary School

“Since Gateway into Reading has been introduced, good performance has been observed in the learners’ assessments.”

Ms Arti Jadoo – Principal, Gillitts Primary School

“Our special thanks to the Neema Foundation for using their fantastic material to help our pupils. We have seen much improvement as a result of this one-on-one programme and many of our pupils have now started to read.”

Mrs Thandi Gabela – Head Teacher of the Foundation Phase, Ukusakwabasha Primary School

“I would like to express my gratitude to Neema for your programme in our school. Our learners can read books for themselves due to your good foundation. I appreciate your contribution and have learnt a lot from observation to implementation. You brought light to our young ones for the rest of their lives. May God bless you all.”

Mrs Gail Ross – Remedial Unit Teacher, Kloof Senior Primary

“Many of our children have benefited from the Neema Reading program. This amazing material takes children back to weaknesses in their basic phonics. Step by step we see a definite improvement in their reading and spelling.”

Mr Paul Govender – Principal, Inkazimulo Primary School

“We appreciate the intensive extra tuition for our learners in our institution. Since they’ve started the extra classes at our school, we have seen a remarkable improvement in their performance.”

Mrs Velephi Ngcobo – Principal, Mgezengwane Primary School

“Neema has a very positive effect in Mgezengwane Primary School. The learners’ performance has improved a lot since you have started this programme in our school. They can now identify words easily and pronounce them correctly. The learners also enjoy reading. The teachers are now confident in the teaching of phonics. We are very grateful to have Gateway into Reading in our school.”

Mr Wilfred Gumede – Principal, Silindele Primary School

“Thanks to the presence of Neema in our school, we now have improved results in Grade 1. We are grateful to the team from Neema for helping our Grade 1 learners attain basic skills in foundational reading and spelling in English.”